Reuse Information Hub

By reusing or sharing a product instead of buying a new one, we reduce the consumption of water, energy, fuel and valuable natural resources, and reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

There are many ways to donate, trade or exchange pre-loved items - either to give your unwanted stuff a new home, or to get new stuff that doesn't cost the earth. Examples include community recycling programs, charity 'op shops', swap parties and online trade/exchange forums.

Charity Stores - Clothes and Household items

Find pre-loved items, or donate them, to charities who can use or sell them. You'll help a goood cause as well as the environment! Go to this page to search for a charity store in your area, to find information about other clothing donation programs and for general information on donating to charity stores.

Community Reuse Initiatives

Community reuse initiatives and organisations provide great opportunities to conserve resources, and many provide other social benefits as well. This page contains information on a variety of community reuse initiatives and groups, as well as information on swap parties and resources for setting up your own community reuse initiative.

Online Forums For Giving, Receiving or Trading Goods

Online forums are another good way to find, give away, swap or sell pre-loved items.

Collaborative Consumption

The term ‘collaborative consumption' refers to people sharing access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership. It's good for the environment, the wallet and for society. This page explores all things collaborative.

25 things to Re-Use

Lots of fun ways to re-use products and packaging at home, to help us avoid, reduce and re-use.

National Recycling Week Events

There are lots of community reuse and recycling events held around the country during National Recycling Week in November. From Big Aussie Swap Parties and facility tours to op shops and workshops. Find an Event near you.