Planet Ark Recycling Near You - Kerbside Recycling Services in the Ipswich City Council area


Kerbside garden and/or food services in the Ipswich City Council area

Below is a list of Kerbside garden and/or food services provided by your council

Kerbside Green Waste Service

240L Bin with the Lime Green Lid


Most residential properties within the City of Ipswich

Accepted Materials

Grass Clippings

Small Branches


Garden Prunings




Fruit Scraps

Vegetable Scraps

Small Timber Offcuts

Additional Materials
  • egg shells
  • tea bags and coffee beans
  • bread
  • scrap paper that can't be recycled in your yellow lid recycling bin, e.g. shredded paper, shopping dockets, paper towel, tissues, any paper less than A4 size is acceptable

  • Materials Not Accepted

    Household Garbage

    Plastic Bags/Bin Liners

    Tree Stumps

    Large Tree Trunks

    All Food Scraps (including meat)

    Organic Recycling Tips

    For more information or to register for a green waste bin, go to

    Replacement Recycling Container

    If you need a replacement kerbside recycling container, please contact Ipswich City Council phone 07 3810 6666 email