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Wise Words From An Eleven-Year-Old

June 24, 2015

Emily Donnelly

It's often said that kids are our future. Fortunately many of them are thinking creatively about how we can all live more sustainably. We spoke to one Maya Grant a very passionate 11 year-old about household waste, the environment and her ideas on recycling.

If you were in charge how would you make the world better?

At home we always recycle stuff and have a compost heap for our food scraps but ever since I was four I have wanted to make a new household recycling bin system.

I would make a bin for recycling for the usual recyclable stuff then I would make an art bin for things that artists can use (like scrap paper, toilet rolls and jewelry). A compost bin for composting things and a bin for usable clothes for donating. I would also like a bin for things like fire wood, usable tools and nails and cardboard boxes.

Why is it important to look after the environment?

It is important because the environment is an important part of life and does so much for us. I would really like to make people realise the importance of nature and encourage more kids to volunteer in events like National Tree Day or National Recycling Week!

Share Your Kids Ideas and Get Involved

Are your kids passionate about the environment too? Send us your kids' tips and ideas on how they would make the world a better place to pr@planetark.org or like our Facebook page and share their ideas.

Planet Ark has many opportunities for kids to show their environmental creativity:

  • National Tree Day: Get the family outside and plant a tree in the local community or in your own backyard.
  • National Recycling Week: Explore ideas for recycling or re-using items like old clothes, toys and books.
  • RecyclingNearYou: Let the kids find recycling options for tricky items around the house and established a collection system at home for recyclable products such as e-waste, batteries or printer cartridges.

Emily Donnelly

Emily worked in Planet Ark's media team from 2014 to 2015 after working in technology, business and corporate communications for Ogilvy PR and Howoth Communications in Sydney.