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How to get your workplace involved in National Recycling Week

October 24, 2019

Rachael Ridley

National Recycling Week is a great opportunity to get your workplace involved in new or existing recycling programs and sustainability initiatives. Find out how you can get involved.

National Recycling Week is a great opportunity to get your workplace involved in new or existing recycling programs and sustainability initiatives. Joining forces with your colleagues to support the Australian recycling industry is not only good for the environment, but research shows that it is also good for staff morale with three in four employees agreeing having recycling at work makes them feel better about their employer.

Here’s how you can get your workplace involved:

  1. Share the recycling quiz

    The theme for this year’s National Recycling Week is Recycling Mythbusters – we’ve set out to bust Australia’s most commonly held recycling myths. Share our recycling quiz with your workmates to help us spread the word and improve recycling across the country. While you’re at it, take the quiz yourself to see how many of your beliefs are debunked. There are ten Biome Prize Packs up for grabs, which include a reusable cutlery and straw set, tote bag and stainless steel insulated water bottle, valued at $82.

  1. Host a Monday Muster

    Help us reach our target to recycle 5,000 mobile phones from workplaces this November. You could even win one of five $100 JB Hi-Fi vouchers. Register your Monday Muster on any Monday in November and encourage your colleagues to bring in their old mobile phones for recycling by MobileMuster. Don’t let your old phone gather dust in your drawer – the plastics and metals that were used to make it are valuable resources that can be recovered and made into new products. Give your old phone new life by recycling it.

  2. Set up a recycling system

    Turn your workplace into recycling hub! There are lots of items and materials that you can recycle in the workplace, such as printer cartridges, e-waste and batteries. Some of the recycling programs will save you money, some will be cost neutral and some might come at a small cost, but all of them will help reduce your workplace’s impact on the environment and make your business more sustainable. If you have a Nespresso coffee machine at work (or even at home), you can sign up for a free Bulk Recycling Kit, allowing you to conveniently recycle your Nespresso aluminium capsules. Remember, when buying new products, it’s important to choose brands that take responsibility for the end of life of their products through recycling and product stewardship programs. 

  3. Hold a clothing drive or swap

    With the rise of ‘fast fashion’, clothing and textiles has quickly become one of the fastest growing waste streams in Australia. Hosting a clothing drive at your workplace is a great way to ensure unwanted clothing ends up in the hands of those in need rather than landfill. There are lots of charities seeking good-quality clothing and household items. You could also trade your unwanted goods in for ‘new’ ones by hosting your own Big Aussie Swap. Swap Parties encourage people to reuse items, which, in turn, reduces the demand for new items. Goods up for swapping could be anything, from DVDs and CDs to books and toys.

  4. Put aside the afternoon for a Friday File Fling

    Are the cabinets in your office full of documents that don’t seem to have an owner? When was the last time you gave your desk a spring clean? Join us on Friday, 15 November (or any other day, we don’t mind!) to declutter your office and support the recycling industry at the same time. By flinging your old documents into the recycling bin, you’re helping us get good quality office paper back into circulation. Register your Friday File Fling and get some tips on how to get your colleagues involved.

  5. Buy recycled

    Now that you’ve flung your unwanted paper into the recycling bin, the next step is to make the switch to Australian made recycled office paper, because unless you’re buying recycled products, you’re only doing half the job. It’s all about closing the recycling loop – the more products you buy that are made from recycled materials the greater the environmental benefits and the more efficient the use of natural resources. Choosing Australian made recycled paper supports green jobs, keeps waste out of local landfills and reduces carbon emissions.

Download the Workplace Activity Guide for details on all of these activities and more. Happy recycling!

Rachael Ridley

Rachael joined Planet Ark in 2019 after eight years working in media and publishing as a producer, editor and writer. Rachael is excited to use her skills in content creation and communication to instigate positive environmental behaviour change.