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Brisbane Tool Library takes share economy to the next level

December 3, 2018

Marty Middlebrook

Do you need a drill or do you need a hole drilled? Brisbane's tool library encourages sharing tools in a new approach to consumption.

A new social enterprise in Brisbane is changing the way people think of tools and hardware. With an annual fee members get access to tools most people wouldn't have at home as well as also workshops, expert advice and a safe environment to find out how to solve DIY issues at home.

The Brisbane Tool Library provides members more than just hand and power tools, with access to camping and sporting equipment, kitchen appliances and even Christmas decorations.

"All our items can be found on our website online and the inventory keeps growing thanks to the donations received from the community and from some local businesses," said the founder Sabrina Chakori.

A true example of the share economy, the tool library builds on concepts like sen's sheds, community workshops like those held at Bike Repair meet ups and appliance repair centres such as Sydney's The Bower.

Options for parents

Some libraries offer "Toy Libraries" for parents who are low on space and acknowledge many toys will only get a limited amount of love before another becomes more attractive.

Another new online tool limiting waste is Kindershare, where owners can list baby equipment for rent in between having their next child rather than storing it for years in a garage or selling it and then having to repurchase down the lind.

You need a hole drilled. You don't need a drill

The tool library is likely to have a major environmental benefit in reducing consumption of resource intensive power tools and other items including batteries and ewaste.

The abundance of cheap, low quality tools and appliances also means that people are likely to end up disposing of material intensive tools much earlier than if they were to borrow high quality and regularly maintained tools.

The key thing to consider is - do you need a new tool, or do you need some maintenance/repairs done? Do you need to buy a drill or do you need a hole drilled? 


Positive Action

  • Before rushing out and purchasing a new item, ask family, friends and neighbours first and, if available, check out a tool library! 
  • Check out Planet Ark's Reuse Hub at RecyclingNearYou.
  • If you're lucky enough to live in the Brisbane area, check out the Brisbane Tool Library.


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Marty Middlebrook

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