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Where does your used coffee go?

November 12, 2018

Lacey-Mai Shea

Nespresso is dedicated to ensuring your last drop of coffee does not need to equal its last use. That’s why in 2013, Nespresso partnered with recycling expert, Sell & Parker, to establish a specialised plant in Nowra as part of the development of its nationwide aluminium capsule recycling program.

Five years later, the plant continues to play a pivotal role in ensuring the nation’s love of premium coffee is environmentally sustainable. Since then Nespresso has expanded its recycling network to now include more than 22,000 collection points around the country. But while Australians may have convenient access to a recycling option, many still don’t know what happens to their beloved Nespresso coffee once they send it onto the plant.

Nespresso uses aluminium to package its coffee, which not only retains the freshness and taste of coffee but also is one of very few materials that is infinitely recyclable. Many people will be amazed to learn that 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today*.

The Nowra recycling system enables recovered coffee grounds to be repurposed, used as rich and nutritious compost at a nearby composting facility. Meanwhile, the aluminium is sent back into the regional aluminium industry, ensuring the aluminium capsules have a second life as another everyday object. Over the last few years, Nespresso have developed a number of innovative limited edition products created from used Nespresso capsules in partnership with established brands. This includes a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, a Caran D’Ashe pen, and a Vélosophy bike.


*According to the Global Aluminium Association (http://www.aluminum.org/industries/production/recycling)

Lacey-Mai Shea