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Win the war on waste at work!

March 27, 2018

Ryan Collins

Whether you're a barista or a brickie, we've launched 10 tools to win the war on waste at work.

The ABC's War on Waste TV series last year prompted an unprecedented amount of inquiries to Planet Ark about reuse and recycling. It seems the waste issue went mainstream! But how do you get your workplace to join the recycling revolution? Planet Ark has the answer - the War on Waste Toolkit for Business.

The New Toolkit

A 2016 report found that the average business produces 849 kg of waste per person each year. Whether you’re a barista, brickie or office worker, you probably want to do the right thing. But for businesses, it can be hard to find the time to find ways to reduce waste, recycle more, and do it cost effectively. That’s where Planet Ark's free War on Waste Toolkit for Business comes in.

It contains ten tools such as the recycling no-brainer checklist, the set of questions to ask a prospective recycler and new brain science inspired signage. There are other free tools to help workplaces buy products made from recycled materials and explore waste as a resource.

Explore equipment

For those businesses with high volume waste materials, there is the Small Scale Recycling Equipment Catalogue, which matches them up with suppliers of equipment including compactors and balers to reduce costs and save time and space.

Trim your bin

The new Toolkit also points to Bin Trim, a resource developed by the NSW EPA to help any business profile their current waste and recycling habits, and create a work plan to reduce both waste and costs. NSW businesses can also have a free assessment conducted by an EPA-funded Bin Trim Assessor after May 2018.

Find out more

No matter what stage of the waste journey your workplace is at, the free War on Waste Toolkit for Business can help. 


Ryan Collins

Ryan is the Head of Circular Economy Programs at Planet Ark. After nearly a decade working in the banking and finance industry Ryan was drawn to a career in environmental conservation that saw him work in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Fiji. With a background in psychology and environmental management, Ryan’s role at Planet Ark since 2012 has been focused on developing engaging and positive environmental behaviour change programs to help organisations and households find solutions to reduce waste.