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Planet Ark Launches 100% Recycled Office Paper

November 2, 2016

Reese Malcolm

Your choice in office paper matters and with the official launch of Planet Ark Paper on the 30th October 2016 your choice has been made easy.

Planet Ark Paper has been produced to help make the use of recycled paper mainstream. Currently office paper has a recycling rate of about 70% but less than 18% of new reams have high-recycled content.

Some people carry outdated ideas about the quality of recycled office paper but Planet Ark Paper is bright white, performs equally well on dust tests and is practically indistinguishable from virgin paper. In a test of 130 people 7 out of 10 were unsure or not confident to choose between a sheet of Planet Ark Paper and a sheet of virgin paper.


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Reese Malcolm

Reese worked on Planet Ark's Paper and Recycling Label campaigns from 2016-2017.