Recycling Near You - Re-use Centres in the Shire of Dowerin area

Re-use centres

Reuse Centres are generally either community-based not-for-profit organsiations or 'tip shops'.  They are great places too look for just about anything, including materials used in arts, crafts, home renovations and education.  Some reuse centres also run educational workshops.

Re-use Centres in the Shire of Dowerin area

Don't send your usable unwanted household items to the tip - drop them off at a Re-use Centre in your local area. Make your waste become someone else's treasure!

Bookshop 53

Jackson Street

Dowerin WA 6461

08 9631 1353

Items Collected

Books, magazines, DVD's

Tin Dog Second Hand Shop

Dowerin WA 6461

Items Collected

Clothing Furniture Books Video's, CD's,DVDs Household utensils Postage stamps (for CWA)

Dowerin Museum

16 Cottrell Street

Dowerin WA 6461

08 9041 1668

Items Collected

Old photos, books and other items of heritage interest.

Outside your Local Government Area

The following organisations may not have come up in the search results for your local area, but may still be in a relatively convenient location for you: