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Allpress Espresso launches new reusable cup

March 20, 2019

Nell MacDonald

For most Australians a morning coffee is an essential routine to kick start our day. With our coffee habit only growing, how can we be sure that we are consuming in the most sustainable way? 

Opting for a reusable cup is a simple way you can reduce the impact of your daily coffee. If you’re someone who has a coffee every weekday you can save 1,040 cups going to landfill every year by simply moving to a reusable cup, another bonus - they look great!  

As a Founding Member of Planet Ark’s Coffee 4 Planet Ark program, Allpress Espresso is already making steps to reduce the environmental impact of their product and operations by helping to find a solution to coffee ground waste in Australia. They are also looking to tackle the volume of disposable cups going to landfill through the release of their new reusable coffee cup.  

This cup is made from PLA, a type of plastic made from plants not oil, which makes it commercially compostable at the end of life. These cups should last for 4 years and don’t contain nasties like BPA.  

While the cups are compostable, they cant be processsd in your home compost and have to be taken to a commercial composting facility. Allpress offers customers the option of returning their cups at the end of life to ensure they are composted correctly.  

Keen to make the move to reusable? You can keep an eye out for these cups at your local Allpress Espresso café or purchase online.


How to have a guilt-free cuppa:

  • Choose to reuse when purchasing take away coffee. In addition to the new Allpress cup, there are plenty of different options for every taste, like ceramic or glass 
  • Sit in to enjoy your coffee, no need for a disposable cup!  
  • If making coffee at home, make sure you compost your coffee grounds. Check out our Recycling Near You page for more information about composting at home.

Nell MacDonald

Nell is Special Projects Manager at Planet Ark.