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5 things you can create from your holiday waste

December 10, 2018

Claire Bell

Whilst Australian’s tend to consume a lot more during the holiday season, there are ways to reduce your waste footprint, be it from packaging or food and beverages. We have 5 tips to repurpose your waste and give it a second life before disposing into the recycling or waste bin!


  1. Get organised - f you get a new mobile phone or an item that comes in a sturdy small box, put the box and lid to good use as handy drawer organisers. Great for sorting hankies, undies and socks, or that messy drawer with batteries, paper clips and rubber bands... we all have one now’s the time to get it sorted!
  2. Get stocked up - leftover carcasses/bones and or veggie scraps can be thrown into a stock pot with some herbs, stalks and peelings and boiled for a few hours to make great homemade stock. Freeze it in different sized containers and your next soup or risotto will taste extra special.
  3. Get crafty - this tip is really 3 in 1:
    • Cut out your cards and use the pictures as gift tags for future presents, reuse ribbon or string on the tags threading through a hole made with a hole-punch.
    • Cut an inner square or rectangle hole from your cards and stick a photo to the back of the card, making the card into a photo frame for your wall, fridge or send to a loved one.
    • Cut out cards, scrunch tissue paper, using glue and imagination get the kids to make a festive collage or decorations for the tree
  4. Get thrifty - Save the ribbons bows, gift bags and paper, fold away and save yourself money and resources by reusing next year!
  5. Get creative -  we often get given nice bottles and jars with preserves, wine or spirits. Once the contents have been consumed, turn the containers into vases, candle-holders or fill with homemade flavoured olive oil (think garlic and rosemary or chillies) or bath salts. Give as gifts or use to decorate your bathroom and kitchen.

Now we’ve got you thinking, you’ll look at your waste as a resource these holidays and start thinking of the possibilities for renewal not rubbish.

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Claire Bell

Claire is Planet Ark's Recycling Campaign Manager. After working in the communications industry and raising a young family, she joined Planet Ark to follow her passion for helping the environment.