Worn / Damaged / Unsaleable Clothing

Some organisations are able to sell worn/damaged/un-saleable clothing to companies that recycle the clothing/textiles for industrial rags or other textile byproducts. 

Clothing retailers H&M, Zara and Upparel (formerly Manrags) each have garment collection programs for clothing or textiles, which they reuse or recycle.

Quilt covers, sheets and towels

Retailer Sheridan accepts your pre-loved sheets and towels (any brand) at your local Sheridan Boutique, Studio or Outlet store

Pillows and doonas

Unfortunately, we don't know of any recycling services for these items,  animal shelters can't accept them for health and safety reasons. Pillows should not be put in your kerbside recycling bin.

Bedding for animals

Towels and bedding are often needed by animal shelters or vets.

Rags for mechanics

Old towels, clothes, bedding and other textiles are often appreciated by mechanics who can use them as rags.

Commercial quantities

Search for a commercial clothing recycler on

This is a directory listing. Please be aware that recyclers may currently be closed or operating shortened hours due to COVID-19. Please use the below information to contact the recycler directly.

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Many charities sell second-hand goods and clothing via shops. They're great places to pick up a bargain and help a great cause at the same time!

However, please donate wisely. charities are paying $13 million a year to send unusable donations to landfill which represents 60,000 tonnes of waste.

If they're in good condition, many charity stores will also accept unwanted household items such as clothing, accessories, bric-a-brac, books and even furniture.

Before setting out to donate unwanted items to a charity shop, however,please contact them first to ensure that they can accept your unwanted items.

If your workplace or business has large quantities of clothing, textiles and other second-hand goods to recycle, visit to find suitable collection or drop-off service options.

Other Clothing Donation Programs

Dress For Success and Fitted For Work are both programs in Australia that help women experiencing disadvantage to find work and keep it. They do this by providing free professional attire, career mentoring and development, and transition-to-work programs. Visit their websites to find out what type of clothing is suitable to donate or other ways that you can help.

Shoes For Planet Earth is a non-profit organisation that works with local and international communities and companies to provide reused running shoes to those in need around the world. They have drop-off locations in NSW, VIC and QLD. As well as running shoes (no broken soles or holes please) they're also happy to accept insoles and spare laces.

Uplift Bras collects new and second-hand bras and sends them wherever needed. For women in the developing world a bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. In 2011, bras were sent to the Philippines, Vanuatu, Fiji and the Northern Territory. Uplift Bras have drop-off collection points in all state/territories in Australia.

Clothing Cleanup offers a pick-up service in Sydney for wearable clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories (including hats, belts, scarves) and manchester.

The Uniform Exchange provides a free community website which looks after uniform reuse for every school in Australia. You can list your uniforms on our website for others to purchase, or if you are willing to donate them just put them up free of charge. We have almost 100,000 items that have been through our site since we began 9 years ago.

About Charity Stores

The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NACRO) ensures that all the collected goods and proceeds are used exclusively for their welfare programs. 

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