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At Nespresso, our purpose is to deliver exceptional coffee to our customers and positive social and environmental impacts along the entire product lifecycle. Sustainability is not only a commitment we have made, but an imperative component at every step of the coffee’s journey.

We want to make sure recycling remains a priority for Australians and that our customers have greater access to our recycling scheme. Read on to learn more about how easy it is to recycle your coffee capsules at home and work.

Sustainability initiatives

Nespresso uses aluminium capsules because it is an infinitely recyclable material and the best way to preserve the freshness of our coffee. In 2020, we introduced our new capsules made from 80% recycled aluminium to the Australian market – helping to close the loop on the aluminium we use in our pods, with recycled aluminium requiring only 5% of the energy of virgin aluminium. We also invest in sustainable coffee sourcing, resulting in better livelihoods for more than 100,000 farmers and their communities.

Nespresso is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2022. Having already achieved carbon neutrality in our business operations (scopes 1 & 2) since 2017, our new commitment will tackle emissions that occur in our supply chain and product life cycle (scope 3). 

The Nespresso capsule recycling program

Unfortunately, domestic recycling systems in Australia are currently unable to effectively sort and recycle small items, such as aluminium Nespresso capsules. To overcome this infrastructure challenge, in 2010, Nespresso invested in its own recycling system for used capsules – the first of its kind in Australia.

Our ongoing investment into this system ensures all our Australian customers have easy access to a  recycling option for their used Nespresso capsules, regardless of where they are or how remotely they live. You can now recycle used coffee capsules through one of four methods:

  1. Return your used aluminium capsules to any Nespresso Boutique.

  2. Participate in the bulk recycling collection initiative where workplaces or community locations can become a recycling point. Find out how your workplace can become a collection point here.

  3. Drop off your used capsules at a participating florist or garden centre collection point. Find your closest collection point here.

  4. Order your Nespresso Australia Post satchel and return it via Australia Post once it's full.

Once collected by Nespresso, the used coffee is sent to an industrial composting facility to be transformed into compost. The aluminium is recycled and sent back to the aluminium industry to produce new products.

Nespresso partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships are crucial to achieving our long-term sustainability goals. We partner with the most credible global organisations, such as the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade. Each partnership helps to support us in driving innovation throughout our sustainability program and solving the challenges of a complex global coffee supply chain. In the same way, we also collaborate with Australian organisations like Planet Ark and the University of New South Wales to address and solve our local sustainability challenges.

To create a sustainable coffee economy here in Australia we need to work hand in hand with consumers to make sure it is a shared value among all Australians. Together we make the choice of a sustainable cup.

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