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Electronic waste or e-waste, which includes televisions, is a growing problem in Australia. Recycling televisions recovers valuable metals, plastics and glass, and prevents potentially dangerous materials entering the environment.

Under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme, every company that makes and/or imports televisions and computers into Australia is required to pay for the end of life recycling of these products. There are five organisations that recycle televisions, computers and accessories under the scheme: TechCollect, Drop Zone, E-Cycle Solutions, Electronic Product Stewardship Australasia and Reverse E-Waste.

TechCollect is a not-for-profit e-waste recycling service, representing over 60 of Australia's leading technology importers and manufacturers. TechCollect is committed to setting the standard for responsible e-waste recycling. We are proud to have TechCollect as a supporter of this page.

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Council services for Televisions

Moreton Bay Regional Council has listed the following locations where you can recycle your televisions.

  1. Drop off Facility - Redcliffe transfer station
  2. Drop off Facility - Caboolture waste management facility
  3. Drop off Facility - Dakabin waste management facility
  4. Drop off Facility - Bunya waste management facility
  5. Drop off Facility - Brendale (JJ Richards)

Drop off locations for Televisions

44 drop off businesses match on Televisions within approx 60km of Caboolture QLD

Click the link for business details and map. Approved businesses are participants in the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

Business Name Address Suburb State Postcode Lon Lat Distance (Km) Approved Provider
Harvey Norman /business/701 245 Morayfield Rd Morayfield, QLD, 4506 152.9509850 -27.1095070 Morayfield QLD 4506 152.9509850 -27.1095070 Yes E-Cycle
Harvey Norman /business/763 3878-3892 Pacific Hwy Loganholme, QLD, 4129 153.1743453 -27.6653080 Loganholme QLD 4129 153.1743453 -27.6653080 Yes E-Cycle
Harvey Norman /business/780 2098 Ipswich Rd Oxley, QLD, 4075 152.9852360 -27.5662130 Oxley QLD 4075 152.9852360 -27.5662130 Yes E-Cycle
Lifeline Ipswich and West Moreton /business/12753 128 Briggs Road Raceview, QLD, 4305 152.76248931884766 -27.642743570271296 Raceview QLD 4305 152.76248931884766 -27.642743570271296 Yes
Endeavour Foundation Industries Redcliffe /business/12942 46 High Street Kippa Ring, QLD, 4021 153.0921524 -27.2263665 Kippa Ring QLD 4021 153.0921524 -27.2263665 Yes
Richlands Resource Recovery Centre /business/12982 24 Bandara Street Richlands, QLD, 4077 152.9403360 -27.5899650 Richlands QLD 4077 152.9403360 -27.5899650
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd /business/12998 Swanbank Road Swanbank, QLD, 4306 152.8152504 -27.6583829 Swanbank QLD 4306 152.8152504 -27.6583829 Yes Drop Zone
Buyequip Pty Ltd /business/13007 B8/194 Zillmere Road Zillmere, QLD, 4034 153.01251411437988 -27.45706408157749 Zillmere QLD 4034 153.01251411437988 -27.45706408157749
Frog Metals Pty Ltd /business/13009 147 Crockford Street Northgate, QLD, 4013 153.0796106 -27.3891681 Northgate QLD 4013 153.0796106 -27.3891681
Tall Ingots Metal Recyclers /business/13191 12 Tennyson Memorial Ave Yeerongpilly, QLD, 4105 153.0124230 -27.5272240 Yeerongpilly QLD 4105 153.0124230 -27.5272240
The Recycling Centre /business/13256 56 Link Crescent Coolum Beach, QLD, 4573 153.0672715 -26.5217602 Coolum Beach QLD 4573 153.0672715 -26.5217602
Kartaway QLD Pty Ltd /business/13258 Progress Road Kuluin, QLD, 4556 153.06316494941711 -26.6518121399677 Kuluin QLD 4556 153.06316494941711 -26.6518121399677
Harvey Norman /business/13420 163 Brisbane St Ipswich, QLD, 4305 152.7584832 -27.6140261 Ipswich QLD 4305 152.7584832 -27.6140261 Yes E-Cycle
Caboolture Waste Management Facility /business/13545 51 McNaught Road Caboolture, QLD, 4510 152.99556255340576 -27.073609367126405 Caboolture QLD 4510 152.99556255340576 -27.073609367126405 Yes Reverse e-waste
Bunya Resource Recovery & Waste Management Facility - Moreton Bay Regional Council /business/13546 384 Bunya Road (600m west of Jinker Track intersection) Bunya, QLD, 4055 152.9456090927124 -27.38152319170504 Bunya QLD 4055 152.9456090927124 -27.38152319170504 Yes Reverse e-waste
Redcliffe Transfer Station /business/13547 261 Duffield Road (beside the Peninsula Animal Aid) Clontarf, QLD, 4019 153.08066368103027 -27.241695674645157 Clontarf QLD 4019 153.08066368103027 -27.241695674645157 Yes Reverse e-waste
AAA Suncoast Skips /business/13613 60-62 Link Crescent Coolum Beach, QLD, 4573 153.0670121 -26.5217233 Coolum Beach QLD 4573 153.0670121 -26.5217233
The Good Guys /business/14800 190-194 Brisbane Road Booval, QLD, 4304 152.7937000 -27.6131660 Booval QLD 4304 152.7937000 -27.6131660 Yes E-Cycle
The Good Guys /business/14804 2140-2148 Ipswich Road Oxley, QLD, 4075 152.9815330 -27.5666660 Oxley QLD 4075 152.9815330 -27.5666660 Yes E-Cycle
The Good Guys /business/14810 135 Redland Bay Road Capalaba, QLD, 4157 153.1978820 -27.5318600 Capalaba QLD 4157 153.1978820 -27.5318600 Yes E-Cycle
J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd /business/14886 21 Strathwyn St Brendale, QLD, 4500 152.9764830 -27.3207140 Brendale QLD 4500 152.9764830 -27.3207140 Yes
Substation 33 /business/15159 31 Mary Street Kingston, QLD, 4114 153.12055349349976 -27.657036986330382 Kingston QLD 4114 153.12055349349976 -27.657036986330382
Chandler Transfer Station /business/15524 728 Tilley Road Chandler, QLD, 4155 153.1513974 -27.5163486 Chandler QLD 4155 153.1513974 -27.5163486 Yes Drop Zone
Nudgee Transfer Station /business/15525 1560 Nudgee Road Nudgee, QLD, 4014 153.0992665 -27.3593623 Nudgee QLD 4014 153.0992665 -27.3593623 Yes
Willawong Transfer Station /business/15526 360 Sherbrooke Road Willawong, QLD, 4110 153.0059080 -27.6019440 Willawong QLD 4110 153.0059080 -27.6019440 Yes
Ferny Grove Transfer Station /business/15527 101 Upper Kedron Road Ferny Grove, QLD, 4055 152.9230952 -27.4093788 Ferny Grove QLD 4055 152.9230952 -27.4093788 Yes Drop Zone
High On Voltage /business/15906 89 Richards Court CABOOLTURE, QLD, 4510 152.9079580 -27.0675260 CABOOLTURE QLD 4510 152.9079580 -27.0675260
Certified Destruction and Recycling Services /business/16040 31 Harvey Street North Eagle Farm, QLD, 4009 153.0910530 -27.4323970 Eagle Farm QLD 4009 153.0910530 -27.4323970 Yes
Dakabin Waste Management Facility /business/16048 336 Old Gympie Road Dakabin, QLD, 4503 152.9892801 -27.2185948 Dakabin QLD 4503 152.9892801 -27.2185948 Yes Reverse e-waste
Harvey Norman /business/16064 Village Square, 1 Commerce Drive Browns Plains, QLD, 4118 153.0459563 -27.6641165 Browns Plains QLD 4118 153.0459563 -27.6641165 Yes E-Cycle
ABR HIRE /business/16501 44 Moss Street Slacks Creek, QLD, 4127 153.1206240 -27.6219860 Slacks Creek QLD 4127 153.1206240 -27.6219860
Reddy Recycling /business/16504 PO Box 9232 Wynnum West, QLD, 4178 153.1533801 -27.4564838 Wynnum West QLD 4178 153.1533801 -27.4564838
Sims E-Recycling /business/16506 Area 4 and 5 Banyo, QLD, 4014 153.0888112 -27.3851032 Banyo QLD 4014 153.0888112 -27.3851032
Substation 33 /business/16673 31 Mary Street Kingston, QLD, 4114 153.1203100 -27.6572170 Kingston QLD 4114 153.1203100 -27.6572170
United Scrap Metal Traders P/L /business/16983 913 Lytton Road Murarrie, QLD, 4172 153.1087590 -27.4558660 Murarrie QLD 4172 153.1087590 -27.4558660 Yes
Spencers Office National /business/17085 56 Little Edward St Springhill, QLD, 4000 153.0241010 -27.4614110 Springhill QLD 4000 153.0241010 -27.4614110 Yes Reverse e-waste
Steve's Rubbish Removals /business/17477 230 Stradbroke Avenue Wynnum, QLD, 4178 153.1620460 -27.4384320 Wynnum QLD 4178 153.1620460 -27.4384320
J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd /business/17542 5-7 Titanium Court Crestmead, QLD, 4132 153.0744579 -27.6808253 Crestmead QLD 4132 153.0744579 -27.6808253 Yes
JOYCE MAYNE MAROOCHYDORE /business/17546 16 Premier Circuit Warana, QLD, 4558 153.1191350 -26.7271300 Warana QLD 4558 153.1191350 -26.7271300 Yes E-Cycle
RT Edwards /business/17547 35 Borthwick Avenue Murarrie,, QLD, 4127 153.1034520 -27.4544010 Murarrie, QLD 4127 153.1034520 -27.4544010 Yes E-Cycle
Harvey Norman /business/17548 122 Enterprise Street Kunda Park, QLD, 4558 153.0327990 -26.6707770 Kunda Park QLD 4558 153.0327990 -26.6707770 Yes E-Cycle
Harvey Norman /business/17549 38-62 Moreton Bay Road Capalaba, QLD, 4157 153.1949828 -27.5215438 Capalaba QLD 4157 153.1949828 -27.5215438 Yes E-Cycle
Birkdale Landfill /business/17574 537 - 609 Old Cleveland Road East Birkdale, QLD, 4519 153.2279048 -27.5079486 Birkdale QLD 4519 153.2279048 -27.5079486 Yes Drop Zone
Reverse E-Waste /business/17670 Unit 1A/489 Bilsen Road, Geebung, QLD, 4034 153.0565719 -27.3681791 Geebung QLD 4034 153.0565719 -27.3681791 Yes Reverse e-waste
Harvey Norman /business/701 245 Morayfield Rd Morayfield, QLD, 4506 152.9509850 -27.1095070 Morayfield QLD 4506 152.9509850 -27.1095070

Pick up locations for Televisions

28 pick up businesses match your query on Televisions

Click the link for business details

Business Name Details Picks up Fees Approved Provider
PGM Refiners Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
MRI (Aust) Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply
Oz Recycle - Australian Online Recyclers Community Our service is Internet based. All Pick-ups are arrange... Nationally Free
Computersource Logistics PTY Ltd We offer a national pick up service. The cost is depend... Nationally (Metro Area Only) May apply
J.J. Richards & Sons Pty Ltd Commercial quantities only outside of metro areas. Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
SRS Recycling Pty Ltd Pick up of bulk quantities only. Nationally Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
Brizzy Rubbish Removal Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
United Scrap Metal Traders P/L Pick up subject to qantity Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
Reverse E-Waste Collect in commercial quantities in pallet sizes or in ... Qld (Metro Area Only) Free
A2Z All Waste Recycling No quantity too small but more cost effective to you if... Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
Steve's Rubbish Removals Click Business Name for details Qld May apply
Lounge Recyclers Click Business Name for details Nationally (Metro Area Only) May apply
Lifeline Ipswich and West Moreton Saleable items only please. Qld May apply
TES-AMM Australia Pty Ltd Pick up of commercial quantities only. Nationally May apply
Richlands Resource Recovery Centre Materials can be brought to the recycling centre or any... Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
Buyequip Pty Ltd Click Business Name for details Nationally May apply Click Business Name for details Nationally Free
The Recycling Centre Small or large quantities of scrap metal can be collect... Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
Reverse E-Waste Commercial - Sydney/Melb/Bris local metro - min 1 palle... Qld (Metro Area Only) Free
Substation 33 Fees apply for travel for pick up service. Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
eCycleCorp Pty Ltd Bulk quantities Nationally May apply
ANZ Asset Managment Bookings are essential for Commercial and Office pick-u... Nationally (Metro Area Only) May apply
Visio Recycling Pick-up services for bulk quantities only. Qld (Metro Area Only) May apply
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd REMONDIS collects recycling and waste streams in bins r... Nationally May apply
ABR HIRE Click Business Name for details Qld May apply
Sims E-Recycling Click Business Name for details Qld May apply
Aussie Bulk Discounting Pickup will be grouped by area location so there may be... Qld (Metro Area Only) Free
TOONs PCs Click Business Name for details Qld Free

How to recycle Televisions at work

There are some recycling companies that offer national collection services for commercial quantities of televisions. To find a commercial television recycling service for your workplace or business, visit

About Televisions in Australia

Every year Australians purchase millions of televisions and related components to replace equipment superseded by faster and more powerful technologies. In 2007/08 an estimated 16.8 million televisions and computers reached the end of their useful life in Australia. In 2027/28, this figure is predicted to reach 44 million units.

Why recycle Televisions?

Televisions containing cathode ray tubes (CRTs) are one of the leading causes of lead contamination in municipal waste streams. CRTs can contain up to 4 kg of lead and other toxic materials such as mercury, cadmium and arsenic. Lead is a cumulative poison that can contaminate groundwater and have harmful effects on human and animal health. By recycling televisions, waste is diverted from landfill and resources such as metals, precious metals, plastics and glass are recovered.

What happens when Televisions are recycled?

Some television components may still be useable, enabling certain parts to be directed into a reuse stream. To be recycled, televisions must be broken down into their many different components.

  • Cathode ray tube (CRT) glass contains a high concentration of lead. This means it can't go back into the normal glass recovery process like glass bottles. CRT glass is typically crushed and cleaned. Some CRT glass is used in manufacturing new television and computer monitors, but the move to LCD and plasma televisions means that new technologies and processes are being found to reuse this material.
  • Circuit boards are shredded down to a fine powder and separated into plastics and precious metals. This material can be reformed into a range of products.
  • Plastic casings are shredded and tested for their composition. Once identified, the plastics can be melted and extruded for use in new products.
  • Scrap metals are typically melted down to form new metal-based components.

More information

In 2011 the Australian Government introduced a national, industry funded, recycling scheme for televisions and computers. Find out more here.

For further information, including the scheme’s recent outcomes, visit the Department of the Environment’s website.